Bigpot is a large container for a whole universe of fun & joy

Bigpot understands fun and the difficulties in the process of making something that is really fun.
Bigpot cherishes the efforts and thought processes that makes a content pure fun.
Bigpot values the people and the process of making a great content.
Bigpot is full of minds and values that embrace this vision.

We at Bigpot acknowledges that there are beautiful minds at work to create and spread fun in this world.
It is our mission to approach these beautiful and talented minds and become the partner that supports the process.

Bigpot wishes to create an ecosystem where ‘fun content’ is created and consumed.
Where the creators and the users can enjoy sharing what they like best.
Bigpot ecosystem will continuously invest in making the world a more fun place.


We invest to nurture the special talent that is in you.

Bigpot respects individuals, companies and products that provide special values in delivering ‘fun & enjoyment’ and wishes to recognize these entities and provide necessary resources to them.

  • Initial
  • Development / Management
    Stable funding
  • Strategic Alliances

We at Bigpot believes that when these special entities become our partners and build mutual-trust among talented entities, the partnership will be able to maximize these talents to create great content and IP. In the long run these partnerships will become Bigpot’s content platform.

Game Publishing & Service

Bigpot is full of ‘future plans, partnerships, users, fun’and connects them to your assets.

Bigpot is preparing a publisher.
It will provide space for users to freely build game & content communities where gamers can freely mingle with other gamers.
Bigpot will pioneer with its partners a whole variety of new markets.
Bigpot has established networks with strong partners in China, Japan, North America & Europe.
Bigpot has established an infrastructure where game IPs can collaborate with
animation, drama, movie, webtoon studios for diversifying business spectrum and adding value.